Chief Opportunity Officer
Brief info

Deva Roberts is the Chief Opportunity Officer, which is a cross between the Director of Operations and Scheduling Coordinator.

When she came on board in 2003, Deva’s first task with the company was ordering pizzas! She worked on a special project in which auto parts stores were awarded a pizza party if they received a 100% shop. She was tasked with calling the auto parts stores, finding out what kind of pizza they wanted, and then calling a local pizza place and placing an order. While this may not be a routine “job” in this industry, we sometimes do crazy things for clients to make things work.

The pizza days are over for Deva, but now she spends her days calling, texting and emailing with shoppers to help us fulfill our shops. In addition to shoppers, she oversees the editing department.

Deva is a Mississippi girl and definitely a true Southern Belle. She enjoys watching Netflix with husband, Scott, and kids.